Tent Life

I live in a tent… Okay, it’s actually a tent cabin. That means it’s a glorified tent with wood beams holding it up into a house shape. When I was having my first interview with DNC they asked me if I would be okay with the limited living situations. I almost had to hold back enthusiasm for living in a tent. No bathroom, no kitchen just a single room for a roommate and me.

My tent in Boys Town.

My first two weeks in the valley I lived in temporary housing, which was dorm style. There were so many new hires that I had to wait to be placed into a permanent living spot. When I finally got placed, it was nothing liked I had dreamed. I was placed into another dorm style room in a housing area called Tecoya. Many would say I’m lucky for getting placed there because not many new hires actually get in there. But there was never anyone around. It was always quiet and very lonely. I asked around at work and was hooked up with my current roommate, Teresa. She is what I expected Yosemite to be.

She let me move into her tent in a housing area called Boys Town. It was a big tent, usually meant for three people but it was just the two of us. The tents are so thin you hear everything around you. It takes some getting used to if you have lived in any type of house in the real world.

Right now I live in a housing area called Huff. It is the biggest housing area and definitely the loudest. But the community vibe is great. There is always someone to hang out with. It can be loud if you are trying to sleep but that is something I will trade for the community vibe. Friends come and go into your tent or in the kitchen. It’s a very fluid community. Whether you like it or not you are forced to interact with other people constantly.

Coming from Los Angeles, being able to pass someone and talk to them took some getting used to. I was used to people avoiding eye contact with me. But this place is full of people that want to know my story. This got me out of my shell and really helped me build confidence in myself. Being around such like-minded people is truly refreshing.

My bed!

                              My bed!

This buck was outside my tent every morning.

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