Weekend Warrior

I feel like I’m starting to become a weekend warrior–someone who does fun things only on their weekends. I find myself dreaming about the plans I have made for my next weekend on the first day of my work week. It wasn’t always this way. When I first started working here I didn’t mind work. It was easy to do things before work because I worked evenings. We would climb all day until work and then have a night climbing session after work. Weekends were a bonus. Today I realized that I stand around when it is slow at work and dream of what I will be doing on my days off. I mentally try to escape work as much as possible. As I was making salads today at work, I started questioning what I’m doing here. Why am I stressing over this job that I really don’t care about? Then I remembered that line from 180° South where Jeff Johnson said he has been a dish washer, a lifeguard…..whatever paid for the next trip. Those jobs don’t define Jeff. They allowed him to live a nomadic dirtbag beach bum life. That’s the life I want.

So I am reminding myself daily that this job doesnt define me. It isn’t worth stressing over. This job is a means to an end and that most current end is backpacking in Thailand in January 2016.



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