My Poor Neglected Blog

I stopped writing for a while because I started to become unsure of the direction this blog should go. I also got into a slump where all I did was work and sleep. I wasn’t having any adventures to write about. But life is an adventure, even on a daily basis. Or at least it should be.
This started out as a blog where I would explain my adventures and how I overcome comfort zones. But that doesn’t mean I have to jump out of a plane in order to break out of a comfort zone. Changing a lifestyle choice can be breaking out of  the comfort of eating bad food or watching 5 hours of TV each day.

From here on out I am going to use this blog to post about my adventures living and working in Yosemite as well as the other choices and life experiences I have on a daily basis that might not seem like a huge deal but have changed my perspective on living.

Beautiful Mt. Star King



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